BELKIN SCREENFORCE InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protector for iPhone - F8w906ZZ

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Woman using iPhone while going down stairs

The next generation of screen protection
InvisiGlass Ultra provides unparalleled screen protection. The high-quality glass is chemically engineered to be stronger than tempered glass. This extra strength allows for precise cutting, providing a flawless touch screen experience. The top layer of the screen protector has been tested in testing to provide the highest level of scratch protection, to preserve the look and feel of your iPhone like the day you brought it home.

iPhone XS Max closeup, tilted down

Belkin teams
A pioneer in technology and innovation for more than 35 years
Designed for maximum flexibility, durability, and protection
It has been thoroughly tested to provide a superior visual and tactile experience
Unique and easy-to-align drawer for flawless operation
Ion enhanced illustration

Ion strengthening illustration

Chemically strengthened using ion-exchange
Heating the excellent glass to about 400 ° C allows dealing with the liquid shape at the molecular level. Small sodium ions are replaced by large potassium ions that are tightly packed in the same space. This more dense molecular structure gives the glass more strength.

Shield icon, scratc resistance icon, and anti-fingerprint icon

It has been extensively tested for maximum protection
InvisiGlass Ultra has been tested against contact with hard metal objects such as keys and coins, fall and damage, and provides superior resistance to daily attack. 9H stiffness test tested, the highest level of protection from available scratches.

Woman using the iPhone touchscreen

An impeccable touch experience
InvisiGlass Ultra is cut very precisely so that it is highly pressure-sensitive. This, along with the smart glass combination, ensures every touch and movement is precisely transferred to the screen below for an impeccable touch screen experience.

Invisiglass Ultra application tray

Easy and accurate application
InvisiGlass Screen Protection can be professionally applied to your smartphone by a trained professional, using a specially developed application system. If you cannot access the participating local retail site, we have included the Easy Align drawer to add precision to any app.

Invisiglass Ultra protection layers diagram

Multilayer protection packed only 0.29mm
The fingerprint and scratch-resistant screen protects the screen clean and scratch-free
Chemically designed glass provides ion exchange while maintaining a smooth glass texture
The adhesive glass visually sticks to the base for ultimate screen clarity
The base layer provides a barrier between the glass and the screen
The liquid adhesive prevents gaps and reduces lifting
Above the iPhone, it appears that the glass does not cover the camera

Top of iPhone, showing the glass doesn't cover the camera

Key features and benefits
Stronger than tempered glass for maximum scratch and impact resistance
Crystal clarity keeps videos and photos perfect for pixels
Looks and feels just like the natural screen
Ultra-slim at just 0.29mm for accurate touch screen sensitivity
Compatible with the case for comprehensive protection
Easy-to-align tray for simple, accurate and bubble-free application

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