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SKU 1518174710000002
Brand Electrolux
Model Number EK-ZSC69FDT-D
Color Black

Electrolux Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 4 Liter

Dust&Gone vacuum cleaner; With Always Clean brush

The SuperCyclone Dust&Gone Vacuum Cleaner includes an innovative electrostatic brush that is stored inside the vacuum cleaner and cleans from the inside so you're always ready for the next cleaning job.

Always clean duster

It's easier to clean all corners at once, 2-in-1, and those hard-to-reach corners can be cleaned. This vacuum cleaner features a new generation of feather dusters that are stored and self-cleaning inside the vacuum cleaner.

fully integrated

A feather duster that can be stored and cleaned in the vacuum cleaner. It is distinguished by its electrostatic fibers that capture dust perfectly. It also features an extendable telescopic tube and a bendable tip to allow access to all corners and ease of use.

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