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SKU 1522174710000001
Brand Electrolux
Model Number EK-EEWA7800AR
Color Steel

Electrolux Kettle 1.7 Liter

Perfect temperature for all types of tea

High-accuracy results with SmartSense™ technology to control the temperature in eight different modes, from 50°C to 100°C.

Variable temperature control

The kettle has five pre-programmed temperatures, so you can enjoy your beverage as it should be: 80ºC for green tea, 85ºC for white tea, 90ºC for oolong tea, 100ºC for black and herbal teas, quick oats and Asian noodles packages. Confirm the actual temperature by the LCD digital display while heating.

OneCup Turbo™ feature

Heat 200ml of water in less than 1 minute; That is, as you lay down, you choose your favorite cup and only the tea you like best.

Open the lid with one hand

For ease of use, we put the lid open switch on top of the handle of the kettle so that you can open the lid with one hand.

3 way automatic shutdown

The automatic shut-off system operates in three states: as soon as the water boils, when the pot is removed from the heating pad, or if the pot is empty; Thanks to the Boil-Dry safety feature.

1.7 liters capacity

Expressionist 1.7 liter kettle; Perfect capacity for heating a large amount of water.

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