LG Dishwasher Two-Floor, 14 place, Steam, WiFi, White - DFB425FW

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Brand: LG

Model: DFB425FW

Sparkling dishes, fewer water stains
Made with boiling water, TrueSteam™ reaches the entire surface
Dish inside the bowl resulting in clean, sparkling dishes. Pure water
Steam particles also help reduce water stains.
Power cleaning
High-temperature steam, made up of small particles, easily separates stains from dishes.
Fewer water stains
WaterSpotsTrueSteam™ leaves dishes clean and shiny while reducing water stains by up to 30%.
Compared to the LG non-steam model. Base on calculating water points between the LG DFB325 (steam) and DFB415 (non-steam) model, according to LG's internal test methods.
Clean from every angle
Thanks to its multi-action spray arms and high-pressure jets, QuadWash ™ provides maximum coverage for cleaning things the first time.
Four wash arms
Omni-directional weapons release water from different angles, reaching every corner of the dishwasher.
Omni-directional rotation
Thanks to four spray arms instead of two, QuadWash ™ provides stronger cleaning performance to clean every dish on every stand.
Ease of downloading and maximum flexibility
This shelving system can be easily adjusted on the go, to meet any challenge the dishes face.
Load dishes on your way, whether it's a frying pan on the top shelf or a bowl on the bottom.
Height is easy to adjust
Set the height of the top mount to three different levels for loading longer items.
3 adjustable height rack
More space for hard-to-meet items, from tall flat pots to small espresso cups.
Quiet, effective and reliable
LG's Inverter Direct Drive Motor is engineered with quietness in mind. With fewer moving parts, you can get reliable performance from one of the quietest dishwashers in its class.
Energy efficiency
Compared to traditional engines, LG's innovative Inverter Direct Drive Motor helps increase energy efficiency.
Long-term durability
Rely on LG dishwasher for years to come, with a 10-year limited warranty on Direct Drive.
More comfort and performance
Personal features allow for improved cleaning and drying performance while helping to make kitchen life much easier.
The TurboCycleTurbo cycle sets the Turbo cycle to clean heavily soiled dishes in less than an hour.
Dual area wash
Gently clean the delicate dishes while washing heavy sinks and pans using the Dual Zone Wash feature.
high temperature
HighTempTub reaches 80 ° C during the rinse cycle, enabling absolute health care of the dishes.
Create a smarter and more connected home
SmartThinQ ™ offers a new world of connectivity, convenience, and personalization.
Download courses
With the LG SmartThinQ ™ smart app, download new wash cycles to meet your needs - such as pots, pans, casseroles, glassware, and night care.
Custom settings Customize dishwasher cycles using the smartphone app to select different cleaning options.
Male mentioned, clean device
New dishwasher by activating a reminder cleaning machine. After every 30 cycles, the luminous indicator will tell you that it is time to turn on the cleaning cycle.
Smart Diagnostics help solve problems quickly and efficiently using your smartphone, with suggestions for easy solutions and next steps.
Upgrade the look of your kitchen
LG Dishwasher provides a stylish and modern design for your kitchen. Your dishwasher is creatively designed with innovative LG technology.
Minimal exterior design
The elegant exterior design of LG dishwashers can complement the design of any kitchen

More Information
SKU 1315111320001007
Brand LG
Model Number DFB425FW
Color White
Country Made Korea
Width (mm) 680
Hieght 890
Depth (mm) 665
Weight (kg) 52