PHILIPS Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2000 Watt, PowerCyclone 7- Allergy H13 Filter - FC9570/62

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Brand Philips
Model Number FC957062
Color Black

PHILIPS Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2000 Watt

Powerful 2000W motor for high suction power

The 2000W motor generates a maximum suction power of 410W for a thorough clean every time.

PowerCyclone 7 to maintain high suction power for longer

PowerCyclone 7 technology features an aerodynamic design to reduce air resistance and ensure high, continuous suction power. The ultra-fast airflow in the cylindrical chamber and unique blades on the outlet efficiently separate dust from the air.

TriActive nozzle for precise 3-way cleaning

The TriActive nozzle features 3 cleaning actions in one go. The specially designed base removes dust from deep within the carpet, while the large opening in the front sucks out large items. Air ducts and brushes on either side of the nozzle catch dust and dirt along walls or furniture.

Power control function to adjust the suction power

The power control function easily adjusts the suction process to suit different cleaning tasks, from hard floors to soft furnishings.

Compact design with front handle and top handle for easy portability

The compact and lightweight design ensures that the vacuum cleaner is easy to store and carry. The design includes a top handle and a front handle for easy and effortless carrying.

Dust container designed for hygienic emptying with one hand

The easy-to-empty dust container is designed for hygienic, one-handed dismantling and emptying, which helps reduce dust in the air.

Soft brush built into handle and furniture nozzle

A dedicated dusting brush is included in the handle so it's always ready to use on furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery. Also, the furniture nozzle is designed to ensure optimal cleaning of soft furnishings such as pillows, sofas and armchairs, and to remove even animal dander.

Allergy H13 filter system captures > 99.9% of fine dust particles

The Allergy H13 filter system captures >99.9% of small dust particles, including pollen, animal dander and dust mites, which is ideal for allergy sufferers. The purification level is HEPA 13.

Soft bumper and rubber wheels to protect furniture

Soft bumper and rubber wheels to protect furniture and avoid scratches on floors, and to easily control the appliance around the house.

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