PHILIPS Onion Cutter 1.1 Liter, 500W, Two Speeds, Two settings for chopping onions, meat and more with ingredients retention feature - HR2505/91

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PHILIPS Onion Cutter 1.1 Liter

ChopDrop Technology

We understand that you struggle with the difficult process of chopping onions, so Philips has made a smart move and developed ChopDrop technology that enables you to chop onions like a professional chef with ease. The unique chamber design keeps the onion inside while the three sharp blades chop it. And when the pieces are just the right size, they're dropped into the bowl, so they're dry and consistent every time. It's perfect for chopping onions, chopping other vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts, and more.

500 watt motor

The Philips OnionChef chopper's 500W motor ensures that even tough ingredients are shredded quickly and easily.

Coarse chop thanks to ChopDrop

The Philips OnionChef chopper uses a maximum low speed to operate the ChopDrop technology. This ensures that you always get dry, even chunks of onions and other delicate ingredients, such as squash, boiled eggs, peppers and mozzarella, as well as tough ingredients, such as nuts, carrots, and more. It's perfect for preparing your everyday favorites, appetizers (sauce, tzatziki), other sauces, rice dishes and much more!

Fine chopping with HS blade

The Philips OnionChef chopper helps you get smooth cuts from a variety of ingredients such as meat, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, Parmesan cheese, chocolate and more, just like a professional chef, thanks to the additional high-speed chopping blade. Finely grind the meat to make steak tartare, meatballs, bolognese sauce or tacos, or make homemade pesto, hummus, energy bars or simply a fresh dressing to enjoy with your favorite salad.

Automatic speed limitation

The Philips OnionChef chopper comes with two speed settings and automatic speed selection. Different functions call for different levels of speed to get the perfect result. The low speed is used for coarse chopping by ChopDrop technology and the high speed for fine chopping thanks to the high speed separate blade. The product automatically detects the desired function and adjusts the necessary speed to ensure the desired end result every time.

Easy push-down operation

There is no easier way to operate a Philips OnionChef chopper. Simply press the top of the product down into the bowl. There are no additional buttons, settings or switches. Now you can chop like a professional chef with just one touch.

1.1L large bowl

The Philips OnionChef chopper comes with a large 1.1L bowl, which allows you to prepare the required amount of essential ingredients.

Sharp stainless steel blades

The Philips OnionChef chopper is equipped with sharp stainless steel blades. ChopDrop's three fine blades ensure fine ingredients are chopped into dry, even pieces without mashing. In addition, the separate chopping blade features a high speed and is able to crush even tough ingredients.

Component cut in half only

The large ChopDrop chamber of the Philips OnionChef is designed to hold a large onion cut in half. Now just peel it and cut it in half and the OnionChef will do the job for you, to spare you the hassle of touching onions.

Dishwasher safe

The Philips OnionChef chopper is easy to clean. You can clean all parts with water or simply put them in the dishwasher.

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