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SKU 1542137410000004
Brand Platinum
Model Number SC-2110 P
Color Rose
Country Made China

PLATINUM SHOE Covers Dispenser, Rose+ 100 Pouches- SC-2110 P:


Model : SC-2110 P.

• Protect your world from germs and viruses with the Platinum Shoe Cover Dispenser
• Wrap your shoes in a platinum shoe envelope and keep your floors clean
Use the shoe cover dispenser in rooms of children and the elderly
Now you can wrap your shoes, the shoes of your guests, your workers, maintenance technicians and all your visitors in easy and simple steps.
• The platinum shoe cover dispenser does not require electricity or battery
• Platbenium warranty for two years
Bags are available at all points of sale
• It is used in homes, offices, clinics, nurseries, care homes, and care and beauty centers
• It is used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and kitchens

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