Promate Mini High Definition Wireless Speaker, White - BUNNY

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High Definition Speaker
The Rabbit has a 3-watt high-definition amplifier with enhanced audio players that takes the music listening experience to the next level. Surround Sound gives you a complete magic music experience. The bass is strong enough to give any song a boost and make it better and enjoyable without distorting the tone and sound.

Bluetooth connectivity option
Play your favorite tracks wirelessly using the Bluetooth option. Rabbit has Bluetooth v4.1 technology to wirelessly connect to your cell phones, laptops or any other broadcasting device. The Bluetooth connection makes the rabbit a real wireless headset.

Integrated communication function
The built-in calling function allows you to make a hands-free phone call with clear and crisp speakers. The built-in microphone features advanced noise-canceling technology to make clear hands-free wireless calls.

Ease of movement
Promate Bunny has a button required to facilitate navigation in music. The rabbit features a single button to play or pause music or sound. The same button if the rabbit is pressed and stopped for a long time. Avoid clutter with just one button to make navigation and control the breeze.

Rabbit shape to be the children's favorite
The rabbit resembles a cute bunny with long ears. The quality of the design and appearance of the headphones makes them instantly preferred for children and adults as well. The bunny is designed with children in mind, their play habits, and choices.

High build quality
Bunny is a party animal full of parties and to make it more party and kids, the build quality of the rabbit is high. The rabbit is strong enough to carry small drops and scratches.

Long-lasting battery
Play your favorite tracks without interruption for up to 3 hours with a 400mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. With Promate Bunny, you will never run out of fun and music.

LED indicators for easy charging and connection
The rabbit comes with LED indicators to show different functions. Red-Light indicates charging (i.e. whether the device is charging or not) and the blue LED indicates the Bluetooth connection to the device.

Compatible with all wireless Bluetooth devices
Promate wireless speakers are the perfect companion for all of your devices including iPhones, phones, smartphones, laptops, and Bluetooth dongles. It gives you the flexibility to share your amplifier with all of your devices.

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SKU 1714144210000068
Brand Promate
Model Number BUNNY
Color White